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Boomer and Okie Leonbergers
Friday morning and Boomer gives Okie a last bit of support and encouragement before the puppies arrive
Day 1
Hours old leonberger puppies
hours old leonberger puppies
First three males
And then a little lady
Day 2
4 leonberger puppies in a bowl
7 leonberger puppies in a hot box
Anyone for a hot Leo
Snug as a bug in their hot box
Day 3
Gosh this puppy work don't half make you thirsty
Day 4
Okie and her puppies
Close up of Okie and her puppies
Are we getting big
Look closer
Day 5
Leonberger pup on mothers back
Leo pup and his mums paw
I'm only 5 days old and I need a hug!
From little paw to big paw
Day 6
Leonberger puppies and their mum Okie
flaked out leonberger puppies
Just after a feed
Sleeping it off
Day 7 One Week Today
But lets not get too excited about it
Week 2
Still alot of growing up to do
Get off me or I'm telling
Close up of my face
And of my tail - does it make me look fat?
Stop cleaning us mum we are trying to eat
Group hug
I need a little space for myself
Aunty Elsa saying Dia Linn
I am Leo hear my roar
Having a good old moan
Dinner time
A fter dinner snooze
We are a litle bigger now at day 12
Weeks 3 & 4
Still alot of growing to do
Can you keep the noise down over there
The feast
The after dinner party!!!
The entire crew
Let me out
Attack of the killer crab cushions
Little Prisoners
Weeks 5 & 6
An early pose
Playing in the kitchen
The Family
Our first trip
Oh look laces!!!
You think they would cut the grass
I love a duck egg in the morning
Meat glorious meat
Help I could do with some help here
I'm Telling
A stack of puppies
Feeding time
Boomer and his two girls
Weeks7 & 8
Alternative bedding?
Can you keep a secret?
Tag your it
I'm tired of this dieting game
Stealth puppy !
Like father like son
The great escape
Now if they would only light the fire
Death of the stuffed pink flamago
Not fair 4 versus 1
Now this is more like it
Night night