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If you are thinking of having a Leo you need to be aware that they are big dogs or more properly titled as a rare giant breed. So think big kennels, big paws and long bushy tails. They originate from Leonberg in Germany and were bred to have a lionlike appearance and are watchful, friendly, and confident with a playful personality that thrives on human interaction. Our Leos also love to get involved in carting/drafting, showing, Pet Therapy and waterwork. We have found that the best thing about Leo's is that they never stop entertaining you! However, be aware that they are such a great breed and one is never enough ... you have been warned!

We are registered breeders with the Irish Kennel Club, and we believe in quality over quantity and therefore we only breed the occasional litter, which is meticulously planned with an emphasis on producing top quality dogs consistent with type and temperament for the Leonberger. We actively seek outcrosses in order to maintain genetic diversity.

The picture is an early image of Boomer the first ever Irish Junior Champion (before he was one), the youngest ever Irish Champion at 15 months and the first and only Irish International Champion Leonberger, so if you would like to know more about us, our Leos, or our kennel please enjoy browsing our site or visit the club website here.

Updated 27th April 2011

Puppy Leonberger
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We would like to thank RTE, The Afternoon Show and Pamela Flood for showing their viewers the wonderful work of Peata Irish Therapy Dogs in Ireland and inviting us to showcase the wonderful breed that is the Leonberger - click here to take a look at the show.