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Magnificent 7 litter
Born 24 July 2009
Sire Int & Ir Ch Tarkaleoes Atlantic Ted into Sionnarush (Jnr Ch, An Ch 09, CW 10)
Dam Oldholbans Charuda into Sionnarush
Sionnarush Myan Masterpiece aka Ozzie
leonberger puppy sionnarush myan masterpiece Ozzie
At 8 weeks
Ozzie with Lauren and Diane Whan
Sionnarush Morpheous Moe aka Travis
Leo pup Sionnarush morpheous moe
Seamus and  Denis with Travis
At 8 weeks
Travis with Seamus Cody and Denis Barry
Sionnarush Mellow Moocher aka Jed
leo puppy Sionnarush Mellow moocher
Jed with Valerie and Ken
At 8 weeks
Jed with Valerie and Ken Johnston

Sionnarush Mind Map aka Deebo

Leonberger puppy Sionnarush Mind Map
Deebo with Ian and Melissa
At 8 weeks
Deebo with Ian O Boyle and Melissa Harvey
Sionnarush Miss Missunderstood aka Sasha
leonberger puppy Sionnarush Miss Misunderstood
Sasha with Diane and David Holding
At 8 weeks
Sasha with Diane and David Holding
Sionnarush Mystic Maiden aka Summer
Leonberger puppy Sionnarush Mystic Maiden
At 8 weeks
Summer with some of the Keegan Clan
Sionnarush Maximum Mayhem aka Theia
Leonberger Puppy Sionnarush Maximum Mayhem
Theia and the Keegan Family
At 8 weeks
Theia and some of the Prouse Clan
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